Posted on March 28, 2017

Awsaj Academy recently held its Annual Awsaj Environmental Fair 2017, which is sponsored by ORYX GTL. The school-wide event was a unique opportunity for the students to learn and share knowledge about the natural world and resource conservation.

Awsaj Academy students exhibited their findings on environmental issues and sparked discussions on how to become an eco-friendly community. ORYX-GTL is a major partner of Awsaj Academy and a supporter of the Academy’s various initiatives and programs.

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ORYX GTL attended the event and Wahiba Al-Saadi from HSE department in ORYX GTL delivered a wonderful presentation to the children about environmental awareness and importance of taking care of our environment, to encourage student involvement in environmental issues, ORYX GTL awarded prizes to the top winning projects. ORYX GTL strategies are fully aligned with Qatar National Vision 2030 to ensure Qatar has “A fully developed gas industry that provides a major source of clean energy for Qatar and the world. The current global trend in the fuels market is towards cleaner sources of power generation and ORYX GTL is committed to ensure that these demands in the market are met.