Posted on December 04, 2018

Amateur bodybuilder Omer bin Abdulrahman Bahamed made the country proud by winning the Muscular Men's Physique Open category of the 72nd International Federation of Fitness and Bodybuilding (IFBB) World Bodybuilding Championships held at the Benidorm Palace in Benidorm, Spain recently.

The 28-year-old body builder tops the list with a score of six from a group of ten ace body builders, drawn from around the world, who made the final cut. Taehyeon Sung from South Korea emerged second with a score of 11 while Japan's Atsushi Nakamura with 15 points emerged third. “Making the final was a worthy achievement of its own not to talk of winning the competition, which is a first for Qatar,” said Bahamed, who is also a rugby player with the Qatari national team. “I and my team are extremely proud of the privilege of raising the Qatari flag on the global stage. The most outstanding part of the whole experience for me was when the national anthem was being played. It was highly emotional and I couldn’t control myself as I started weeping.”

Bahamed wins World’s Body 1 [].jpeg“Imagine me standing with the Qatari flag and the national anthem. What a feeling! Considering that I was told by one of the organisers during the registration the previous day that Qatar can’t achieve anything because there is no team and here was I the second day with the winner’s medal on my neck. It was simply great,” Bahamed said. He added that with the victory, he is now set to compete professionally as he has now been awarded his pro card which will allow him to compete against pro athletes.

Bahamed, who counted seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger and eight times winner Ronnie Dean Coleman as his greatest admirers, was keen to highlight how the journey into the world of competitive body building started for him. “Growing up, I became fascinated with body building so I took it up as a teenager but the only reservation I had then was that I never wanted to be huge like most of the other body builders so I was a bit cautious and wasn’t keen on the competitive side of it,” he said.

“I was just doing it to maintain fitness and to keep in shape but when IFBB introduced the new categories like Physique and Classic Physique, which shows the perfect beauty of the sport and where you don’t really need to be huge like body builders, then I thought why not give it a try. My first competition was in Kuwait in 2017 and though everybody in the hall was of the opinion that I was the winner but the judges said otherwise but I didn’t allow the little setback to demoralize me as I kept pressing on and now my efforts have been crowned with great success.”

Talking about challenges, the soft-spoken Bahamed said the only aspect that was a bit tough for him was the food and nutrition aspect. “It was a bit difficult for me initially to keep eating the same food every day and doing nothing but preparing for the competition for almost a year. Like everybody, I’ve my cravings but I can’t eat what I desire because I must stay in shape. Without any doubt, I now know that great things don’t come easy and I’m happy I was able to maintain discipline and win the competition for Qatar.”

Bahamed wins World’s Body 2 [].jpeg

“I want to thank my family for their moral and financial supports which have gone a long way in helping me achieve my aims,” he said. The champion encourages anyone who is interested to take to the sport not to be afraid of starting considering the many advantages it gives. “The sport has helped me a lot. This is a sport where you keep learning about yourself and your body and the respect that I get from people especially after last competition because I did which was never done before by anyone from Qatar,” he said.

Talking about future plans, Bahamed said, “For now I am the world champion in my category in amateur and in 2019 we will be trying to go for the world championships in professional level as well. I am looking forward to give a personal training for the people who are interested and they can contact me on my Instagram at omer_bahmed,” he said.