Posted on May 31, 2018

Keeping with the spirit of Garangao, Baladna, Qatar’s largest local dairy producer, decided to celebrate the festival with children recovering from ill health at Hamad Medical Corporation.

The children were excited to meet the Baladna team on Garangao day. In line with the Pediatric department’s commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment, Baladna chose to share fresh whole fruits with the children, as part of the goodie bags. HMC’s Pediatrics department places great emphasis on patient care and education, ensuring the children are given ample opportunities to celebrate festivals when possible. Baladna’s collaboration with HMC this year brought a smile to every child’s face on Garangao.

Baladna celebrates Garangao with 1 [].jpeg

Baladna celebrates Garangao with 2 [].jpeg