Posted on March 14, 2018

Barzan Holdings, the first defence and security company responsible for empowering the military capabilities of the Qatar Armed Forces in the State of Qatar, has concluded its participation at DIMDEX by signing a further 7 agreements with leading international defence companies from around the world.

According to military and civilian delegates visiting the impressive Barzan Holdings pavilion at DIMDEX - the largest at the exhibition - Barzan Holdings’ presence has been a huge boost for DIMDEX, and Barzan Holdings acts as a new landmark for Qatar’s defence industry.


On the third day of DIMDEX, Rheinmetall Barzan Advanced Technologies (RBAT), which is Barzan Holdings’ joint venture (JV) with German defence company Rheinmetall AG, signed four agreements. RBAT signed a notice to proceed to build an ammunition production plant in Qatar to produce various types of ammunition, ranging from medium calibre rounds to aircraft bombs and missile assembly. It is expected that over 200 skilled jobs will be directly generated in connection with the plant. A MoU was signed between RBAT, Barzan Holdings and other Ministry of Defence stakeholders to produce explosive ordnance in Qatar, and the formal training of specialists in explosive ordnance.

In the presence of the Commander of Qatar’s National Service, RBAT signed an agreement to establish a highly realistic lazer training solution that will simulate live training scenarios within a mock urban environment to help ensure that Qatari National Service Cadets are prepared in the best possible way to serve the State of Qatar. RBAT signed an agreement with the Qatari Emiri Naval Forces to provide critical infrastructure protection to safeguard military and economic sites in Qatar, including fully integrated security and surveillance systems for a new naval base.

Barzan Holdings concludes DIMDEX 2 [].jpg


Barzan Holdings signed two agreements with Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), first to develop research related to defence and security with the support of QSTP’s facilities, and second for Barzan Holdings to rent a 40,000m2 dedicated space for R&D at QSTP’s “Tech 4” building, exclusively for the use of Barzan Holdings and its JV companies.

The signing ceremony was been conducted in the presence of Dr. Hamad Al Ibrahim, Chairman of QSTP. Dr. Al Ibrahim stated after the ceremony that: “We are in continuous collaboration with different military and security sectors in Qatar for experimentation in many specialized areas of research in line with Qatar’s present and future needs.” Dr. Al Ibrahim also stated that QSTP has a lot of communications with different overseas countries such as the US and Turkey and QSTP will continue all of its endeavours to come out with the best practices and methodologies related to R&D. As a result, QSTP has launched its initiatives with the Ministry of Defence in coordination with Qatar Scientific Research Fund to support post-graduate scholarship students for the benefit of all parties.”


Barzan Holdings signed an agreement with Italian company Beretta Holding, for Beretta to supply rifles to Qatar for use by different military sectors in Qatar. The first shipment will be made in April this year, and represents the first phase in an agreement with Beretta Holding to create a JV named “Bindig.” The second phase of the agreement will see Bindig manufacture pistols and rifles under the Bindig name in Qatar at the Barzan Industrial Zone.

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The Barzan Industrial Zone is a 26 km2 area designated by Qatar’s Ministry of Defence. The Zone is designed based on the needs of the Qatar Armed Forces and is divided into three main parts: testing and evaluation; administration and residential; and the Industrial Military Area where Bindig’s production and manufacturing factory will be located in large hangers with safety perimeters. The signing ceremony with Beretta Holding was attended by H.E. Dr. Khalid Bin Mohammed Al Attiyah, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the State for Defence Affairs and Italian Minister of Defence H.E. Roberta Pinotti.

Barzan Holdings Managing Director Nasser Al Naimi stated that the agreement with Beretta Holding represents a strategic deal between Qatar and Italy, and is firmly in line with Barzan Holdings’ objective of meeting Qatar’s long-term defence and security needs. By manufacturing pistols and rifles in Qatar, Bindig is not only empowering the capabilities of the Qatar Armed Forces but also bringing new technologies and industry to the economy, and is helping to build Qatar’s human capital through knowledge exchange.

During the three days of DIMDEX, Barzan Holdings has signed a total of 24 agreements with international partners, and together these agreements mark a new beginning in Qatar’s defence industry that will strengthen Qatar’s future by increasing Qatar’s self-sufficiency in defence through building human and technological capital, and facilitating new R&D.