Posted on March 13, 2018

Barzan Holdings, the first defence and security company responsible for empowering the military capabilities of the Qatar Armed Forces in the State of Qatar, has successfully signed multiple agreements with leading international defence and security companies around the world.

Through these agreements and the creation of joint ventures (JVs) with partner companies, Barzan Holdings is building human and technological capital in Qatar, creating new R&D capabilities in Qatar, and increasing Qatar’s self-sufficiency in defence and security for the benefit of the State and all its citizens. The signings took place at DIMDEX 2018, where Barzan Holdings officially launched to the public on the first day of the show. Barzan Holdings is a strategic partner of DIMDEX and also the largest exhibitor. Barzan Holding’s launch was well-received by the public, with the Barzan pavilion at DIMDEX attracting heavy traffic and visits from both military and civilian delegates.

Barzan Holdings signs multiple 1 [].jpg

Barzan Holdings signed an agreement with Italian company Beretta Holding, to create a JV named “Bindig,” the Qatari word for rifle. The JV is the first time Beretta Holding has established a JV in the Middle East, and Bindig will manufacture pistols and rifles under the Bindig name in Qatar, for use by the Qatar Armed Forces and other security and governmental entities. Barzan Holdings signed an agreement with Turkish company BMC, that specializes in military vehicles. BMC is a legacy investment of the Qatar Armed Forces, and Barzan Holdings will now manage this relationship in the future.

Barzan Holdings has partnered with major US defence contractor Raytheon to power the Qatar Cyber Academy. The Academy will train Qataris undergoing their national service, and also open its services to the public sector, to better understand cyber security and protect themselves from potential cyber security threats. Barzan Holdings signed an agreement with Norwegian company Kongsberg, to create a JV called “BK Systems.” BK Systems will specialize in military communications systems, navigations systems and weapons manufacture.

Barzan Holdings signed an agreement with Turkish company Sur International and the Qatar Amiri Guard, to create a JV called “QSur.”QSur will manufacture high-end military uniforms, and uniform accessories. Barzan Holdings has a JV agreement with Qinetiq from the UK, a leading provider of military consultancy services, to create “BQ Solutions.” During DIMDEX, BQ Solutions signed an agreement with the Qatari Emiri Navy under which BQ Solutions will advise the Navy on best strategies and practices in “blue water” and transformational activities.

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Barzan Holdings signed a JV agreement with large German defence company Rheinmetall AG and the agreement creates a JV called Rheinmetall Barzan Advanced Technologies (RBAT) that will develop an ammunition manufacturing base in Qatar, provide security for strategic venues and critical infrastructure in Qatar, and develop research in UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) and HEL (high energy lazer) technology. Barzan Holdings signed agreements with two Turkish companies: Aselsan and SStek, to create a JV called “Barq.”Barq will engage in developing and producing electrooptic equipment, crypto technology and research related to remote weapon platforms.

Barzan Holdings signed an agreement with US company Wilcox,specializing in weapons manufacturing, plus electrooptic gun technology. Barzan has also signed an MoU with Turkish company SSM, to work on joint R&D projects between Qatar and Turkey for knowledge exchange. Barzan Holdings is working with its international partners to strengthen Qatar’s future by setting a road map for Qatar’s military and security industries, in coordination with Qatar Armed Forces.