Posted on February 07, 2015

Gulf English School Primary (GES) joined in the nation’s passion for basketball with a visit from towering basketball star Yaseen Musa, team captain of the World Championship 3-on-3 basketball team and Robert Taylor, National Teams Technical Advisor with Qatar Basketball Federation (QBF). GES will be working with QBF to build a basketball programme from Year 3 up, which the Federation has sponsored, providing new basketball hoops to enthuse students to start to train and compete with their new equipment.

Rebecca Cruickshank, GES Faculty Coordinator for PE, said: “We are very pleased to be working with Qatar Basketball Federation to establish a 3-on-3 basketball development program as one of the school’s current priorities is to encourage students to take part in competitive sport to keep fit and in good shape.” Hundreds of primary and secondary GES students attended the event, during which pupils showed their excitement after receiving gifts of basketballs and T-shirts during the QBF visit.

Basketball fever hits GES [].jpg

Student Khaled Al Thani (Y11) spoke for the majority when he said “I normally prefer football but seeing Yaseen today has inspired me to try 3-on-3”. Yaseen Musa said “It’s great to see so many young people interested in basketball. It’s important to start young if you want to be successful”.  Over the coming months, QBF and GES will work together to create a programme that enables our pupils to develop skills and compete successfully.  They are certainly keen and that’s a good starting point.”

Robert Taylor, National Teams Technical Advisor with QBF has been pivotal in facilitating this partnership and said “Qatar now has one of the top 3-on-3 basketball teams in the world and this should serve to inspire out young players. The programme at GES will offer children an option from 5-on-5 to 3-on-3 basketball and show them the routes to international performance”. GES primary boys and girls have already demonstrated their keenness for the sport having won their first basketball tournament of the year against four other schools, winning every game at every level.

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