Posted on July 17, 2016

Those seeking to have some fun during the summer should avoid going to the sea from the mid-June until around mid-September, some fishermen and others familiar with the Qatari waters have advised. This is because the sea is unpredictable during this period and jellyfish activity is also high, they point out.

Speaking to Gulf Times, they said the risks included whirlpools that might catch swimmers unawares as well as the possibility of jellyfish attacks. A jellyfish sting can lead to itching and allergies. There have a number of such cases involving those who venture into the sea during summer, according to a fisherman. Unmindful of these threats, many people go to the seaside for a dip in order to get some respite from the summer heat. "Many of these visitors also take their children along. They often end up with problems such as allergies and itching, for which the jellyfish are responsible," the fisherman said, stressing that the sea is particularly unpredictable during the summer.

Those familiar with the sea also said it was "highly risky" for those with limited or no swimming skills to go for a dip during this period due to the prevailing conditions. "Even some well-trained people find it difficult to swim easily during this time of the year," the fisherman said. "People even those with good swimming skills get exhausted easily due to the adverse weather conditions," said another fisherman, who operates in Al Wakrah. Another veteran fisherman said it was also advisable for people to avoid boat journeys beyond the neighbouring islands when windy conditions prevail during the summer. He also suggested that people follow the Met department's forecasts to see if it is safe for them to venture into the sea.

The fisherman highlighted the need to put up adequate warning boards in different languages at beaches that people visit in big numbers, particularly on weekends. Recently, a 46-year-old Indian expatriate was drowned near Khor Al Udeid after falling into a whirlpool. The victim was a member of a 15-member group that had gone to the beach, located in the southeast part of the country, to spend their Eid holiday.

source: Gulf Times