Posted on June 30, 2014

Belle Harvey Interiors, a leading interior and construction fit out company in Doha, has celebrated 300, 000 man hours without Lost Time Incident (LTI). This milestone was achieved by Belle Harvey employees, contractors and vendors working together, for over 18 months and 32 projects, with safety as a core value.

“When it comes to lost time incidents, productivity on site and the safety of our workforce is our priority. Preventing any injury is imperative to having the best possible team on site. We are overjoyed to announce our achievement and aim to continue in the same direction,” commented Neil Robson, Director, Belle Harvey. Belle Harvey have set their sights on pioneering Health and Safety (HSE) standards in Qatar, with a focus on educating employees, contractors and vendors and utilizing cross-continental industry experience to implement such standards.

“It is up to the individual organization to take full responsibility of its employees’ safety, as well as educating each individual on basic personal protection to be fully accountable for one another, creating a sense of social responsibility,” commented Robson, “as we are positioned in a developing country, with massive potential and a huge scope for development in light of the World Cup 2022, it is our responsibility to bring what experience we have from across the globe to positively impact the country and to not succumb to complacency, resulting in unforeseen incidents.”

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Belle Harvey adopts European HSE standards, as they believe working with international companies creates this demand. They are in the process of becoming an ISO compliant organization, and are currently compiling documents for a detailed management booklet on HSE. The booklet will focus on disciplinary action for breeches of HSE, setting out minimum standards, equipment specifications and inspections. “We take HSE and LTIs very seriously, and as a smaller fit out company to have achieved 300,000 man hours without any LTIs is a huge milestone for us. We hope to have our management booklet as an integral part of our service, which will benefit not only companies, but everyone involved,” commented Belle Harvey General Manager, Simon Joss.

“We are working towards setting a standard for HSE in Qatar, to educate those who are not aware of the levels of HSE the industry requires. We will not accept a sub standard service.”

Currently Belle Harvey has implemented standards of HSE within their organization, to protect their employees as well as partners and landlord’s site. They have site signage in place with all their contact details visible to anyone who may experience an issue or needs to report a misuse of equipment, therefore giving onus to the individual. Warning signs pointing out potential hazards, such as falling debris, as well as safety signs indicating mandatory personal protection equipment to be used, such as hardhats and goggles are also placed on site.

Before any equipment is used it has to go through a quality management system to prevent any malfunctions that could result in mishaps, and for each and every tool, awareness training is provided. “To provide awareness, we offer toolbox sessions whereby a western qualified tradesman will conduct essential training on various different tools. At all times, a qualified site manager is in place to ensure the workforce has the proper management and are following guidelines set in place by Belle Harvey,” commented Joss.