Posted on July 26, 2013

The final of the 2022 World Cup is being planned by FIFA for December 18, according to a report published on Thursday in the German magazine Kicker citing leaders within football's ruling body.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter (pictured) recently lobbied to have the football spectacle moved from the summer to the winter due to expected sweltering weather conditions in Qatar during the summer. Blatter said the FIFA executive committee would be in charge of making the change for the 2022 World Cup. The report said Blatter has already scrapped earlier plans for a World Cup in January 2022 because it would collide with the Olympic Games that winter.

The World Cup would instead start in the middle of November 2022, if Blatter has his way, according to the report. Meanwhile, English Premier League (EPL) chief executive Richard Scudamore is concerned that momentum is swinging in favour of moving the 2022 World Cup from summer to winter.

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A long-time critic of the idea on the grounds that it would impact too greatly on Europe's domestic leagues, Scudamore is more worried than ever after Blatter's recent Uturn on the scheduling.

"Ultimately FIFA will decide, so of course one is worried," Scudamore said on Thursday in Hong Kong, where the Premier League Asia Trophy is being staged. "We're not silly. We're not stupid. We can see that that's the way the momentum is shifting." Blatter last week revealed he planned to ask FIFA's executive committee to consider moving the World Cup in Qatar to the winter months in order to avoid the searing summer heat in the Gulf.

"Everybody's running a tight calendar. To suddenly change it all around is very impractical and in my view won't work and it shouldn't be allowed to work."

source: Qatar Tribune