Posted on July 15, 2017

A number of businessmen and private sector leaders in Qatar said the siege imposed by three neighbouring countries on the country has turned from a harmful act to a beneficial tool that opened new prospects for the private sector to create partnerships and enter new global markets.

Qatar Chamber Vice-Chairman Mohamed bin Ahmed bin Tawar Al Kuwari said the private sector has played a leading role in working to find a way around the repercussions of the siege by finding alternatives and solutions regarding foodstuffs through transport lines whose procedures were swiftly carried out to bring all the needed goods to the country. He added that all global markets have become open to Qatari importers who constantly work with Qatar Chamber to ensure that the local market is not affected by the measures taken by some neighbouring countries to cut the supply of goods to the country. He stressed that the siege has taught the Qatari people solidarity, standing by principles and refusing compromises that jeopardise national sovereignty.

Al Kuwari praised Qatar's wise policy and long expertise in working with international entities, which, he added, thwarted the schemes of the siege countries and allowed Qatar to emerge victorious and earn global sympathy, making the siege countries the biggest loser. Al Kuwari noted that Qatar has built a modern renaissance that established it as a political and economic player at the global scene, enabling it to play a major role internationally with the aim of bringing happiness to humanity. It also made Qatar capable of managing crises and major issues and able to export gas to world countries, putting it at the forefront of countries in the economic field, he added.

For his part, Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Obaidly, Qatar Chamber Board Member and head of the agricultural committee, said the solidarity of the different sectors proved to anyone that had intended to jeopardise Qatar's food security the strength and cohesion of the Qatari economy against the biggest of crises. Al Obaidly added that Qatar proved its economic and ethical strength, noting that the harmony between the government, the private sector and the people helped in establishing a united front against the siege, making it possible to control the repercussions of the urgent situation within hours in an evidence of pre-planned measures on food security as well as the availability of a strategic supply in the country.

He hailed the responsiveness of major international companies, which resulted in the organised and swift launching of five main maritime line. Al Obaidly pointed to the strong partnership between the private and public sectors by forming specialised committees that meet regularly to follow up on all the difficulties facing the importing process, which, he added made it possible to control the process of obtaining foodstuffs via air transport as a first stage before the process became stable and organised. In turn, Qatar Chamber Board Member Rashid bin Hamad Al Athba said the imposed siege on Qatar has only made the Qatari people show more solidarity, loyalty and pride in their wise leadership.

He added that the siege, which was intended to harm Qatar, has turned into a benefit for the private sector as the goods are now imported from all over the world after it has been previously limited to the siege countries in line with political orders that aimed to support Gulf products. Al Athba said the unfair siege that was imposed on the country increased the resolve of businessmen to develop national factories and products to produce a local product that will largely help in achieving self-sufficiency of the country's needs.

source: The Peninsula