Posted on November 11, 2017

QPAY, a Qatari company offering Made-In-Qatar electronic payment solutions, performed a prominent role at the recent 4th Annual Information Security Conference for the Financial Sector, held under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Qatar Central Bank.

The two-day industry-leading conference at the Sheraton Grand Doha Resort and Convention Hotel on November 5-6, attracted more a record 3,300 leading figures from various financial sectors in Qatar and all over the world.  Delegates from more than 83 countries representing Banks, telco, IT, and various Financial institutions gathered to learn and share expertise and knowledge of the latest information security innovations to mitigate threats and protect data and security online. As a foremost figure in fintech solutions in Qatar, QPAY International CEO & Founder Nebil Ben Aissa, delivered a keynote address to the engaged delegates on Blockchain technology, how it is impacting the financial sector and how interested parties – from retail and commercial banks, to investment banks, insurance providers and stock trading companies – can benefit by embracing it and not fearing the technological advancements.

During his keynote, Mr Aissa dispelled the myth that Blockchain is not cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, rather the technology that enables the safe transactions, tracking and transparent recording of cryptocurrencies and online transactions, allowing all connected parties in the transaction access to an open ledger of each transaction. He outlined how the technology will impact all areas of the financial sector, but will improve efficiency and security for financial service providers. “Just like the internet in the past, blockchain will challenge many of our business models,” Mr. Ben Aissa told the conference in his address. “But don’t fight it, we must embrace it. Now is the time to reinvent your business with blockchain.”

“Cryptocurrencies are something of the Wild-Wild West but the implementation of internally-controlled blockchain systems can protect against this. Blockchain is radically changing the future of transaction-based industries, but is a positive disruptor designed to create transparency, boost efficiency and remove the ‘middle-man’ from the transaction process." “It was an honor to be invited to present to such a gathering of high-profile gathering of financial sector leaders. Participation in events such as this further emphasize QPAY International’s position as the preferred source for fintech solutions for banks in Qatar, the region and beyond,” added Mr. Ben Aissa.