Posted on December 09, 2016

The 2016 Qatar International Boat Show (QIBS’16) is attracting both boating and water sports enthusiasts with a range of luxury boats, yachts and sports watercrafts that are on display at this year’s show. One of the unique highlights on showcase is the Zoom 8 dinghy.  The Zoom 8 is an innovative water vessel from Europe aimed primarily at youth and those who don’t yet consider themselves sailing professionals.

The Ad Mare Sailing booth has been a star attraction at QIBS ’16, owing to the Zoom 8 being the perfect boat for enthusiasts looking to bridge the gap between amateur and professional sailing. Likewise, Fly boarding has also been a big sensation at QIBS. This recent advent in the water sports world, provides thrill seekers with a chance to propel up to 15 meters in the air with the power of a jet water propulsion system.  Local retailer Blue Marine has been wowing audiences with its demonstration of Fly Boarding, which includes an array of air flips and upside down turns and spins.  Visitors can catch the fly board show during QIBS’16 at 4:00pm and 6:30pm every day.

QIBS’16 wraps up on Saturday December 10  and runs from 2:30 pm to 9:30pm. Visitors are encouraged to apply for their passes via, or follow QIBS16 (Facebook), QIBS16 (Instagram) and Qatar International Boat Show (YouTube), for the latest news from Qatar International Boat Show 2016.

To learn more, please visit the website of Lusail City:

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