Posted on June 06, 2015

The Ministry of Environment has asked citizens and expatriates to rationalise food, water and electricity consumption and avoid waste, said The Peninsula.

In a statement on the eve of World Environment Day yesterday, the ministry said consumption of precious resources, especially water, is very high in Qatar. “Qatar is aware that industrialised nations have the biggest share of consumption of the resources in the world. However, we take advantage of this occasion to call on nationals and expatriates to rationalise all forms of consumption — water, energy and all kinds of food,” said the statement.

The ministry said Qatar has been ranked 10th internationally and third in the GCC in per capita electricity consumption according to the World Bank and the Global Sustainable Development report. “Consumption of water by citizens and expatriates is still very high due to many wrong practices and wrong usage of this strategic resource,” said the statement. “Awareness is important for rationalising all forms of consumption,” it added.

Qatar Airways flies daily to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

This year’s World Environment Day is themed ‘Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet Consume With Care’. The ministry said Qatar is taking part in United Nation’s Expo Milano 2015 that will be the centre stage of World Environment Day celebrations. An exhibition will be open until December 31. The United Nations Environment Programme has warned of the danger of irrational consumption, saying 1.3bn tonnes of food are wasted in the world annually, while around one billion people suffer from a lack of food.

By 2030, the world will have additional three billion consumers and majority will be living in underdeveloped countries. By that time we will need two planets to sustain our ways of living if the current consumption and production pattern remain the same, and with a rising population.