Posted on May 24, 2015

A 5-year agreement was recently signed between Qatar University College of Arts and Sciences (QU-CAS) and Qatar’s Al Sulaiteen Agriculture Research, Studies and Training Center (SARSTC) with the aim to stimulate scientific research and training in the field of agriculture in the region due to the lack of local food production and the heavy reliance on imports.

The agreement was signed by QU President Prof Sheikha Abdulla Al-Misnad and SARSTC Chairman Mr Abdullah Salem Al-Sulaiteen in the presence of CAS members including Dean Dr Eiman Mustafawi, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Affairs Dr Mohamed Ahmedna, Associate Dean of Planning and Quality Assurance Dr Steven Wright, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences Head Dr Fatima Al-Naemi, and SARSTC Executive Director Dr Ahmed T Moustafa, as well as several CAS faculty and SARSTC members.

The agreement will support scientific research and development in many areas such as agriculture, water, renewable energy, food security, agricultural production systems, management, marketing opportunities, nutritional security and diet diversification. It will also provide students with opportunities to get training and gain hands-on experience in the field of agriculture, and will contribute to developing joint proposals for research grants between the two institutions.

CAS and Al Sulaiteen Center sign 2 [].jpgIn the terms of the agreement, both institutions will cooperate in many areas such as scientific research, capacity building, exchange of staff and scientific information, joint publications and intellectual property rights, as well as project outlines and work plan. They will also collaborate on establishing postgraduate fellowship projects. Welcoming the agreement, Prof Al-Misnad praised the Center’s efforts to support the country’s agricultural sector, adding, “We are delighted to sign this agreement which will enhance the experience of our biological and environmental sciences students and prepare them to contribute actively to the needs and aspirations of our society.”

Mr Al-Sulaiteen said: “It is an honor to collaborate with such a prestigious institution as Qatar University. This MoU is the culmination of a series of agreements that SARSTC signed with a number of institutions both within and outside Qatar.” Dr Mustafawi said: “The agreement provides CAS with an exciting opportunity to conduct more research projects that will help achieve meaningful agriculture efficiency. In light of our country’s current economic growth, it is now more important than ever to bring all of the best minds together and align our efforts so that we can develop research programs that take all of our stakeholders’ interests into account.”