Posted on December 19, 2019

Casthouse production is market-driven. In the present market scenario where the EI requirement is less in the market, the pressure is on the FA lines to deliver production requirements. With this challenge and with market orders on hand, the FA team delivered an average of 998 MT/day in November 2019, which is a new record in Qatalum over the years. 

The previous record was 979 MT/day in October 2017. Despite a major outage of 8 hours of all the three production lines for the repair of the seawater pipeline, the team achieved this remarkable production target through a collaborate effort, as shown in the delivered results. The new production record was achieved through outstanding co-ordination and support from both operations and maintenance teams, where the maintenance team has supported the operation by allocating resources to attend breakdowns with minimum equipment downtime and also by aligning corrective maintenance activities with operational planned stoppages.

Committing to markets by accepting orders to deliver, setting up targets for production by shift/day and following up the same on daily basis during morning meetings, aligning all CH teams to the requirements, a low scrap rate (1.56%) and low unplanned equipment downtime (2.6%) enabled us to deliver the market promise without any cost to Safety and Quality. Quality is as important as safety when it comes to the delivery of products to our customers. In 2018, 10 customer's complaints were received, and no complaints have been recorded in 2019 to date. This shows the operational excellence of the teams to deliver quality products to the market.

The team is geared up to deliver new results in the coming months.