Posted on May 27, 2017

People walking  across Doha Bank City Center Branch were amazed this week to see the crowd of Doha Bank AL DANA customers, who came to see live the draws announcing more than 1 Million QAR  in cash.

Just late on a tranquil afternoon, Doha Bank has rocked the scene at City Center with Cash prizes that left people gasping and enthusiastic to open an AL DANA account.  The most renowned AL DANA saving scheme in Qatar has just crowned Mr. M.A. Folgado Costa as the second Millionaire for the year. In a live call on all social media, people who were tuned in Qatar experienced the thrill of winning a million when least expected.

With an eye on the million, many who missed were still fortunate in May to win cash prizes worth more than QAR 250,000. As a matter of fact Doha Bank has given 18 lucky winners a reason to smile. Mr. S. J. Al Thani, walked away with QAR 100,000,  fifteen additional customers won QAR 10,000 each. Ms. M.S. Al Haidar was the young lucky girl who won the young Saver scholarship prize worth QAR 25,000 securing a free educAtion, which made her parents so proud and happy too. AL DANA young saver account is designed to teach youngsters healthy money saving habits while giving parents the chance to change the lives of their kids with cash prizes worth millions as AL DANA young savers are also eligible for the regular AL DANA draws.

Mr. Khan “I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to all our winners this month. Their loyalty to Doha Bank paid off and I would like to remind all our customers out there that they could easily be Al Dana’s new millionaire next month. A minimum of QAR 5,000 in Doha Bank Al Dana Savings account gives everyone a chance to enter the draw, with each QAR 1,000 earning them one chance to win QAR 1 million. The higher the savings, the greater the chances of winning of course: a minimum average balance of QAR 25,000 and above, triples the chances of winning, so my advice is to keep saving in order to walk away with life-changing prizes thanks to Doha Bank,” said Gul Khan, Head of Retail Banking, Doha Bank.

To make the event more exciting , The people were thrilled to see Mr. Santos, the 1st Al DANA millionaire for the year 2017, who attended the draw to receive his prize with his wife and daughter. In a live testimonial he said: “ I was overjoyed to win AL DANA prize. Doha Bank has changed my Life and I invite all to open AL DANA saving account.” And just towards the end when people were curious to know more about AL DANA, Doha Bank has announced another shocker. Mr. N. V. Ali came to celebrate with Doha Bank his happiness in getting one additional salary every month from Doha Bank and for an entire year because he transferred his salary during the promotional period.

But, there was more to come. Mr. M. Ezzine, who was actively engaged with Doha Bank during the seasonal social media activation, collected a nice cash check to show that its always rewarding to be engaged with Doha Bank.

To open an Al Dana account and stand a chance to win all these incredible prizes, customers can visit the nearest Doha Bank branch or send an SMS to 92610 with the keyword ‘AL DANA’, or alternatively fill out a simple online application form at