Posted on August 19, 2019

The activities of the Back to School campaign for the academic year 2019-2020 witnessed a big turnout as it attracted the attention of children and students who visited the Ministry’s section at Mall of Qatar with their parents to participate in the activities put forward by the Ministry in order to develop the communication skills and introduce the school environment in preparation for the upcoming opening on August 25, 2019.

A special corner was also devoted to the Learning Management System (LMS), an educational system provided by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. LMS is up-to-date educational system with modern international standards that allow students, teachers, parents and principals to use and access their time-saving features. It also allows students to learn anytime and anywhere through world of creativity and innovation, as well as easy for follow-up of student duties, level of achievement, test dates and results. The LMS system enables students to learn about scientific and literary materials, homework and know their grades, said Diaa Magdy from the Ministry of Education.

Parents can also follow their children’s learning in public schools, their attendance, leave, their academic performance, and school reports, while class teacher can have access to information of interest of the student such as models of test, classroom lessons, activities, exercises, questionnaires, and other educational materials that help in developing different skills. The material on the system is classified according to grades. The Back to School campaign’s activities include a variety of ‘Story of Jassim’, where the story is distributed among the children to see the pictures and then write the correct number on the appropriate image, the parents can read the sentence, and ask the children to indicate the appropriate image in order to arrange the story. The aim of the stories is to introduce the student to the steps taken by Jassim on the first day of school.

There is also an interrogative activity that contains pictures of the verbs so that the child is asked what he sees from the images and explains them by himself in correct sentences. Another activity was also devoted to the accuracy of observation through a picture (Jassim) with friends in school and the child is required to find the five differences between the two images. Maha Mustafa Kamal, mother of a student, said: “We learned about the Back to School campaign by chance through our family tour to Mall of Qatar. When my son noticed the coloring corner that attracted him, he asked me to for participation with the children in the coloring of pictures.”

She added that she is preparing her son and train him to sleep early during the last days of the annual leave to wake up early to go to school with enthusiasm and being active. She also makes him participate in some language activities in order to preserve his mother tongue (Arabic). The Back to School campaign is a joint collaboration between the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Mall of Qatar, KidZania Doha, Qatar Consolidated Awareness Team and Your Health First from Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar, in partnership with Karwa Transport. Each organisation has provided its best services and participation to students in order to create a happy and fun-filled atmosphere and to provide them with the valuable and important information they need during their return to school.

source: The Peninsula