Posted on October 12, 2016

City Centre Rotana Doha, Rotana’s newest five star hotel in Doha, has opened the first Teatro restaurant in the city to provide guests with a distinctive and unique experience offering signature cuisines from around the world. Media representatives and bloggers were invited to the restaurant for a special preview of the outlet, a signature Rotana restaurant brand. The famous restaurant is the fourth Teatro, with renowned branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain. 

Teatro stands out as a venue for theatrical dining and for merging Western and Eastern culinary specialties with a fantastic selection of Italian, Chinese, Japanese Sushi, Indian and Thai cuisines in a luxuriously designed venue. The award-winning food and beverage options are complemented with chefs displaying their culinary skills at an open kitchen and sushi bar, live entertainment featuring a pianist and DJ, a bar showcasing an extensive menu of signature beverages, private dining sections and exciting offers for the most discerning diners.  

City Centre Rotana Doha opens 2 [].jpg

“The restaurant’s concept of five global kitchens under one roof is a first in Doha. The interior design is unique and aesthetically stunning, providing visitors an unforgettable experience on both levels. Teatro is a great lifestyle addition that takes visitors from one country to another in only a couple of steps as they get to take a gastronomic tour from Italy to Japan, Thailand and more”: said Joseph Coubat, General Manager of City Centre Rotana. “We have previously succeeded in attracting lovers of traditional Lebanese cuisine and with the opening of MISK, the city’s only authentic Lebanese restaurant. With the opening of Teatro, we are seeking to provide an exceptional experience that matches the hotel’s vision of being a beloved local and regional tourist destination.” he cited. 

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“Thanks to Teatro’s atmosphere and impressive food and beverage offerings, we will endeavor to provide our guests a new understanding of global cuisine. On behalf of the team, I promise to offer our guests a memorable dining experience in a theatrical atmosphere. We are confident that this new restaurant will reflect our committed efforts and make a strong impression on our guests in Doha and beyond." he concluded.

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