Posted on September 08, 2016

City Centre Rotana Doha, Rotana’s newest five star property in Qatar, hosted a special event for the kids with special needs from the Social Services Department in HMC facility of Hamad General Hospital and Rumeila Hospital titled “Hospitality With a Heart”. This event, part of the “Rotana Earth” initiative, is Rotana’s sustainability platform that covers health, society, environment, sports, etc.

The management and team at City Centre Rotana Doha welcomed the visitors and made sure to make this visit a memorable one for the kids. The “Almas” ballroom, allocated for this event, was equipped for showcasing a movie. After watching the movie, the kids, their families and HMC representatives were invited for lunch.

The hotel also arranged for many entertainment activities in cooperation with APEX Events, which provided Kevin and Bob the two minion cartoon characters who entertained the kids, played & took photos with them, filled joy and happiness in their hearts, and made sure that they had fun. On this occasion, Joseph Coubat, General Manager of City Centre Rotana Doha said: "Through this visit, we wanted to leave a beautiful and distinctive remembrance in the hearts of children and build connecting bridges with the society and the younger generations.”

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“Kids with special needs need to integrate into the community, and events like this activate their role in the society and enhance their personalities. It also helps them not to feel embarrassed or remain introverted; rather it helps enhance their self-confidence and increase their life skills. This initiative which comes under Rotana Earth sustainable platform helps identify the social core and principals of City Centre Rotana Doha. We support the local community, and create links of compassion and affection," he added. “We seek through this initiative to confirm our commitment to social responsibility initiatives in being part of this community, and to cooperate with all local institutions to serve this country at all levels. I am also pleased to thank all the staff who did great efforts to implement this initiative with hearts full of joy and happiness,” he concluded.

From Social Service department side, Idil Noor Mohamud, Acting Head of Social Services Department of Hamad General Hospital commented, “We are very pleased to know that the families and children reported having fun and stating such occasion does not happen often and thus parents are very happy to see their children smiling and enjoying themselves. Both Hamad and Rumeila are more than thankful to do such ongoing activities to engage our patients and our community as part of collaboration for the benefit of our ill patients