Posted on May 23, 2019

All small, empty plots of land in residential areas around the country should be utilised by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) to create playgrounds for children, the Central Municipal Council (CMC) has recommended.
This came at the CMC’s regular session on Tuesday.

The council came up with suggestions on how to use plots that could not be otherwise allocated for residential or services buildings in line with the designs stipulated by the urban planning scheme. It advised the MME to conduct a full survey of such plots and study the feasibility of converting them into mini-playgrounds for children with a good play area. Then, another study should be conducted to find suitable designs for such mini-playgrounds that cater to the needs of children and respond to their desire for adequate space for games and recreations while maintaining advanced safety and security standards. For instance, proper fences or walls should be built around the area and the ground should be prepared use materials deemed safe for children’s usage.

The CMC, meanwhile, issued some other recommendations to the MME, too. These included suggestions on allowing Qataris to build a second floor over external annexes in residential villas. The council noted this would respond to the ever-growing demand for accommodation and give them more room for families and children to make the best possible use of space. Accordingly, the CMC recommended that a study be conducted to determine the conditions for building a second floor in a way that would not undermine the overall look and aesthetics of the building while at the same time ensuring the privacy of neighbouring buildings and maintaining adequate distance.

The council hosted Fahd Yousef Talfat, director of Water Network Affairs at the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corp (Kahramaa), and Mohamed Thani al-Maadeed, director of Water Network Planning at Kahramaa, who responded to questions from CMC members on relevant issues. CMC chairman Mohamed bin Hammoud al-Shafi welcomed the Kahramaa officials and appreciated their visit as part of the ongoing co-operation between the council and various services entities in the country aimed at ensuring high quality of services.

The CMC members expressed their appreciation of Kahramaa’s efforts and its multiple projects to improve living standards in the country. On their part, the Kahramaa officials gave a brief presentation on projects that involve replacing and renewing water networks around the country as well as different projects planned in residential areas across the country.

source: Gulf Times