Posted on August 10, 2016

The College of the North Atlantic-Qatar (CNA-Q) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Senseta to develop and deliver an educational program that will produce job-ready Big Data Scientists and analysts for the Qatar economy.

CNA-Q identified the need to partner with Senseta to jointly develop and build a custom designed post-Diploma or Degree program to respond to a growing demand for ‘Big Data’ analysts in Qatar and the GCC region. The emergence of ‘Big Data’ – large, complex data sets that require computer analytics to be understood – in many sectors has pushed up demand for qualified data scientists worldwide. The sensitive nature of the underlying data used for analysis means that many businesses in Qatar will insist on having qualified Qatari Nationals on their data analytics teams.

CNA-Q signs MOU with Senseta 2 [].jpg“CNA-Q is delighted to partner with a leading-edge company such as Senseta.  Big Data analytics is a rapidly growing sector that is aligned with the achievement of the knowledge-based economy goals of the Qatar National Vision 2030, and we are pleased to be able to provide our students with the opportunity to be part of its success,” said Dr. Ken MacLeod, CNA-Q President.  “Senseta has a business model based on a practical, hands-on approach to data analytics, which will be instilled into this program to produce highly-qualified, competent, job-ready graduates.”

“Senseta is pleased to partner with CNA-Q, a world leader in technological education, to jointly develop the most relevant and practical Big Data science program ever offered. Students will be immersed in an environment replete with best-practices in Big Data hardware and software. The cutting-edge, learning-by-doing curriculum will be delivered by highly experienced teaching faculty,” said Dr. Khalid Mohammad Al-Ali, co-founder and Executive Chairman of Senseta. “The rise of analytics-centric computing gave rise in the demand for highly qualified Big Data scientists and analysts who not only must have a strong command of Big Data science, but also the confident ability to apply their knowledge to extract the most value out of data while simultaneously maintaining data custody, integrity and security."

Senseta is a Silicon Valley-based company, co-owned by Dr. Khalid M. Al-Ali, a Qatari national. The company, which currently operates subsidiaries in North and South America, hopes to open a subsidiary company in Qatar very soon. The recently announced partnership for customized data systems between Senseta and Ooredoo will serve to enhance the demand for qualified Qatari graduates in this exciting new field of study. The MOU between CNA-Q and Senseta is the beginning of a long partnership to develop Big Data analytic capabilities at CNA-Q, and continue to collaborate on the development and delivery of an applied educational program in Data Science that will meet the labour needs of Qatar in this emerging sector for years to come.