Posted on August 24, 2018

Since the first day of Eid Al Adha festivities, Qatar's Dar Al Salam Mall has been hosting a number of performances as part of Qatar Summer Festival (QSF) organised by Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA).

Besides staging popular shows, the characters of these tales roam around the mall, interacting with children and adults. Among the shows at the mall from the first day of Eid celebrations include Peter Pan's Adventure, The Princess and the Beast, and many others. A Qatari traditional dance was also staged during the festivities. The Eid Al Adha mall shows will conclude on the fifth day of holidays (Saturday).

Amina, one of the visitors at the mall, said: "My children are happy to interact with Peter Pan's characters. They are always thrilled by Peter Pan, a fictional character who is a young boy who flies but never grows up. My children have been watching Peter Pan on television and I am happy that they were able to meet and greet the characters and take photographs." Jane, another visitor at the mall, said: "Stage performances are so enjoyable. The shows displayed contain lessons that our children can learn from. And the children also get entertained. They will have stories to share with their friends once their schools' reopen after the long summer break."

Another visitor said:"I wish to thank the event organisers. The shows served as a platform to entertain our children during the Eid Al Adha festivities. The performances were well organised."

The QSF has been entertaining the people since June. It will conclude on August 31.

source: Qatar Tribune