Posted on December 01, 2014

Customers of Commercial Bank recently came together with the Bank’s CEO and core decision makers during a Customer Focus Group event organised by Commercial Bank with the aim of further improving its customer service offering.

The initiative is part of Commercial Bank’s ongoing commitment to deliver world-class customer service. Significantly, Commercial Bank, a leader in the local commercial banking sector, has taken the opportunity to allow customers to engage directly with the top executive and staff in order to express their opinions, needs and wishes. This unusual and direct approach underscores the importance Commercial Bank gives to the customer service experience as a vital aspect of the Bank’s operation.

“We very much value the opportunity we had to sit down with our customers for longer period than usual and listen more deeply to their views,” said Commercial Bank CEO Abdulla Saleh Al Raisi, following his attendance at the event. “We have to care about every customer and what that customer is trying to achieve. Each touch point across our bank has to ensure that we deliver the kind of experience that does more than just make the customer say ‘Wow’ – it should be the kind of experience that has the customer thinking, ‘That interaction didn’t just meet my expectations … it helped me realize my desires.’”

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Customer service is strategically important for all institutions today and Commercial Bank executives describe it as the core of the Bank’s own strategy. Active commitment to constant improvements in customer service is particularly important in a highly competitive marketplace such as banking, because the key factor that differentiates any institution or business from its competitors, in the eyes of the customers, is the provision of an excellent experience.

Commercial Bank already conducts regular customer satisfaction surveys which allow the Bank to benchmark its service performance against actual customer needs and wishes at any time. Results are analysed to assist in the design of new services and products as well as the refinement and improvement of existing provisions. Customer satisfaction as a metric has the welcome effect of encouraging all banking staff to engage with one primary shared purpose: focusing on the customer.