Posted on June 01, 2014

The Community College of Qatar (CCQ), created by the State of Qatar to support the educational goals articulated in the Qatar National Vision 2030, will implement Ellucian’s Banner Student solution in a strategic collaboration that emphasize sharing of local talent and resources. Qatar’s National Vision focuses on driving positive student outcomes. By partnering with Ellucian, CCQ will restructure its student administration to run on Banner, offering specific programs that accelerate student success.

Banner® removes layers of anxiety and improves student success by streamlining critical administrative processes including registration, applications and curriculum management. With long standing experience using Banner, CCQ and Qatar University are trained to drive learner pathways to reach the nation’s critical goals in human development and educational advancement.

 “The Community College of Qatar is continuing to evolve during this period of great growth in Qatar,” said Dr. Nessreen Al-Hashimi, Head of Institutional Effectiveness, Community College of Qatar. “Using Banner Student will allow us to offer an advanced educational experience, which is a major step towards connecting and collaborating with the education communities in Qatar. It helps us provide a seamless experience for the entire ecosystem. We have collaborated with Ellucian to address and develop our institution’s efficiency, and we look forward to growing our capabilities to further support the National Vision and nurture the growing ambitions of a very talented Qatari student community.”

CCQ provides a diverse range of opportunities for Qatari nationals including college level courses for academic transfer, critical job training to meet workforce and labor needs, and corporate and continuing education. Banner® Student offer students an easy to use solution that helps with admissions to registration, curriculum management, advising and assessment. In addition, faculty at both the Community College of Qatar and Qatar University will have a more personalized connection with students, offering direct academic counsel through easy access to information and services.

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"Higher Education Institutions, today, face increasing pressure while coping with advances in technology and emerging industries,” said Dr. Nabil Ajineh, Chief Information Officer for the Community College of Qatar. Ellucian’s Banner road map provides a clear direction regarding integration with learning and enterprise systems while allowing CCQ the flexibility to continue to evaluate and maintain its degree offering in alignment with existing and emerging industries’ skillsets requirements.”

Banner® Student also provides CCQ students with better opportunities to advance their education in Qatar through ease of communication, learning options, pathways and curriculum with Qatar University. These opportunities also, in part, are afforded through collaboration with, Houston Community College.  Learning pathways tend to still operate in silos with inadequate information flow and opportunity sharing between institutions. By working as a combined team, with talent from both institutions, CCQ and Qatar University are seeking to eliminate these traditional silo challenges that exist elsewhere. Using Banner offers an enhanced level of collaboration that allows constituents, faculty and staff to support each other to develop Qatari talent more effectively.

“Ellucian has worked with Qatari institutions for nearly a decade and we are excited to see the National Vision becoming a reality,” said Mathew Boice, Vice President of EMEA and India, Ellucian. “We look forward to working with CCQ to provide better capabilities to support the growth of the student body and the breadth of the learning options as the College continue to nurture and grow their Qatari talent community. Our strategic partnership will not only cater to CCQ’s digital generation of students, but also meet the needs of traditional learners, thereby supporting a key pillar of the Qatar National Vision 2030, which is the development of all people to enable them to sustain a prosperous society.”