Posted on April 07, 2011

Aspire Active, Qatar’s leading exercise, fitness and health community program will celebrate World Health Day by providing free exercise activities for adults in Aspire Park today and tomorrow.

The men’s exercise programs will be opened to all adult males and located outdoors, providing a unique exercise environment. These programs will operate from 3.30pm - 9.30pm on both Thursday and Friday. The women’s program will include two group walks open to the community at 8am and 5pm on Thursday only.

Both walks will start at the Ladies Club. For his part, Head (Acting) of Aspire Active Dr. Leonieke Richardson encouraged men and women to join in the activities at Aspire Park and experience outdoor exercise. "Many people believe that their only option to exercise is inside but studies have shown that there can be significant benefits to those who choose to add an outdoor component to their exercise schedule," said Dr. Richardson. "The Aspire Zone has many excellent facilities and programs to get people involved in sport and exercise." "Exercise is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of being active will be felt in many aspects of a person’s life." "The activities on the day will be a lot of fun and the walks for women combine exercise with a social element," he added.

The initiative is part of a program under Aspire Zone Foundation to encourage a healthy lifestyle and is supported by Aspire Logistics.

source: QNA