Posted on March 31, 2014

ConocoPhillips Qatar, sponsor of the Qatar Minor Ice Hockey Association (QMIHA), proudly supported the successful participation of Qatari based  ice-hockey team “Qatar Raiders” in the Ice Dragon’s Hockey Tournament in Singapore. The international hockey tournament was held recently in the J-Cube Rink, Singapore.

This year's Ice Dragon's Classic hockey tournament featured 24 teams representing eight countries and over 25 nationalities. Overall, 330 players participated in the tournament's four divisions. Qatar Raiders played four games in the Batam Division with two wins (against Malaysia and Thailand) and two loses (against Shanghai Thunderbirds and the Beijing Imperial Guard). Qatar Raider’s final win against the Bangkok Canstar Rangers was a hard fought 4:2 victory which assured the Qatar Raider's top position in the consolation round. Head Coach, Dan Lemoing noted, "As the tournament progressed, the team definitely got stronger and demonstrated good camaraderie." He added “All the hours of practice paid off as the plays we worked on resulted in pucks in the net"

Ice-hockey is a popular sport in the world, and over recent years it has begun to attract increasing numbers of participants in Qatar and the GCC. ConocoPhillips Qatar believes it is essential to support this evolving sport and those who are making it a success as part of its community investments programme to help ensure that ice-hockey has a bright future in Qatar.

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With the support of sponsor ConocoPhillips, Qatargas, College of the North Atlantic - Qatar and Qatar Winter Sports Committee, the QMIHA has experienced its highest enrolment since it started.  A record 150 children and young adults signed up to for the 2013/2014 season from Initiation all the way to Under 18.  Ice Hockey in Qatar is also attracting a wide cross-section of nationalities with members of the QMIHA from more than 21 countries. Moreover, the sport is popular with both men and women; 14% of players in QMIHA are females, making this a real success story for encouraging more women in Qatar and the region to take part in sports.

Mr. Gary Sykes, President of ConocoPhillips Qatar commented, “Similar to other team sports, ice-hockey brings many advantages over those which are practiced individually. Other than the obvious health benefits of being physical activity, ice-hockey teaches young players vital life skills such as how to work effectively in a team to reach a common goal. It also develops strong communication skills and respect for authority and rules which encourages children to hold the right values to help them succeed in life. These are similar to our own company’s SPIRIT values and in alignment with our commitment to the social and human development strategy in Qatar’s National Vision 2030.”

The QMIHA is a non-profit organization operated solely by volunteers. They will be organizing and hosting a total of three tournaments in Doha this year and inviting teams from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and KSA to take part. The QMIHA slogan is “Hockey is the coolest game in the Gulf” and they’re on a mission to prove to everyone that this is true. In 2015 Qatar will open a dedicated Ice-hockey rink which will further support this exciting sport and promote it to the country’s youth. Ice-hockey certainly has a highly promising future in Qatar.

For more information on Qatar Raiders and The Qatar Minor Ice Hockey Association (QMIHA), please visit:

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