Posted on November 28, 2011

Qatar Statistics Authority (QSA) has released the  Consumer Price Index (CPI) for July 2011. The CPI for the month of July 2011 declined from 109.0 to 108.7 showing decrease by 0.3 % when compared with June 2011, and an increase of 1.9%, when compared with July 2010.

July being a summer month, many consumer items are on sale and hence it always shows the seasonal effect of price reductions.

A comparison of the CPI for  July 2011 with that of  June 2011  at the major group level shows a decline with 2.6 % in Garments and Footwear and 0.8% in Rent& Fuel and energy.

Moreover, a decrease found in Food, beverages & tobacco with 0.5%* affected by the decision of department of Consumer Protection that took effect from 15th July 2011.

However, there was a slightly increase in the rest of the CPI components as seen in the Table 1 .

Compared to the CPI of  July 2010, the analysis by major group level shows increases ranging between 2.1% and 6.2% in the prices of all the groups with the exception of rent and Entertainment Goods and Services group.  The highest increase was in both e Clothing & Footwear and Transportation, where prices went up by  6.2%, followed by Miscellaneous Goods and Services, increase  by  5.3%* , while Medical care, by 2.5%*.  However, Prices in the group of Rent declined by 3.6%*.

A CPI exclusive of the Rent group has also been calculated. After eliminating the effect of rent, the overall index will be 118.2, shows  a decrease of 0.1% compared with  June 2011, and an increase of  4.3 %  when  compared to the month of July 2010.