Posted on June 11, 2014

The Ministry of Development Planning & Statistics (MDPS) have released the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the month of May,2014. The CPI of May, 2014 is estimated at 117.8, showing an increase of 0.5% compared to the CPI of April 2014, and 3.4% compared to the CPI of May 2013.

The overall increase of 0.5% in CPI of May, 2014 when compared to CPI of April 2014 has resulted from the price rise recorded mainly in: “Transport and Communication” by 1.6% (primarily due to diesel price hike for vehicles), “Rentals, Fuel & Energy*” by 0.6%,“Entertainment, Recreation & Culture” by 0.4% “Garments & Footwear” by 0.2%; and “Furniture, Textiles & Home Appliances” by 0.1%. However a price fall of 0.4% has also been noticed in “Food, Beverages & tobacco”,while prices of “Miscellaneous Goods & Services”and “Medical care”remained stable at previous month’s level. Table (1) presents CPI of May2014, andfigures (4) and (5) show the movement of monthly CPIs of “Food, Beverages and Tobacco” and “Rentals, Fuel and Energy*” groups.

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The overall CPI of May, 2014, compared to the one of May, 2013 has increased by 3.4%. The price increase is observed in most of the groups: “Rentals, Fuel & Energy*” by 7.0% (mainly in rental hikes of residential buildings), “Furniture, Textiles & Home Appliances” by 5.4%, “Garments and Footwear” by 3.9%, “Entertainment, Recreation & Culture” by 3.1% and “Transport and Communication” by 2.6%. While the “Food, Beverages & tobacco” prices remained stable on year-on-year basis (May 14 Vs May, 13 CPIs), the prices of “Miscellaneous goods & services” have declined by 0.6%, mainly due to the decrease of gold prices. Figure (1) shows the monthly and annual comparison for CPI of May 2014.

The CPI of May 2014, excluding “Rentals, Fuel and Energy” group stands at 128.2, showing an increase of 0.5% compared to the index of April 2014 and 2.1% of the CPI of May, 2013. Table(2) presents CPI excluding “Rentals, Fuel & Energy”,and figure (3) shows the Monthly percentage change of CPI and CPI excluding Rental component. More detailed data on CPI is available on the ministry’s website: and QALAM:

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