Posted on July 15, 2016

Qataris have hit out at local prices of certain goods claiming they are more expensive than those in neighbouring GCC countries, local media said on Wednesday. Some members of the public are urging the government to devise a strategy to keep prices in check, including opening up the market to boost competition, it was said. Qataris said automobile parts, medicines and electrical appliances were among the types of products overpriced in comparison to other countries.

For example, reported Gulf Times, one Qatari consumer named Mihana Al Nuaimi said he had discovered that a particular spare car part would cost him QR20,000 ($5,494)  from a Qatari dealer, whereas it was priced at QR10,000 ($2,747) in a neighbouring country. He said citizens often visited other Gulf countries to buy such items. Another Qatari, named as Mohamed Al Yazidi, reportedly said high prices were the result of a “limited number of dealers and brands” in the country and that the market should be opened up to give more choice to consumers. Another Qatari, Abdulla Al Merri, called for the government to authorise a higher number of distributors of the same product, to boost competition in the market, according to the newspaper.

source: Arabian Business