Posted on June 16, 2017

Consumers — citizens and expatriates — have praised the quality and taste of products from Turkey and other countries, especially those arrived recently in local markets like fresh and long-life milk and yogurt, fruits and vegetable.

With increasing supply of various products including fruits and vegetables from exporting countries who came forward to support Qatar like Iran and Turkey, shelves of commercial outlets including major shopping complexes like Lulu Hypermarkets, Al Meera and Family Food Center among others, even supermarkets and groceries operating inside the residential areas are running with full stock, the Peninsula noted. Geant Hypermarket at Hyatt Plaza Shopping Mall said that it was fully stocked with imported food essentials such as fresh chicken, fruits, vegetables, milk, yogurt and eggs, and continues to cater to the regular needs of its hoppers dismissing any fears of a rumoured food shortage.

Speaking to The Peninsula the consumers said products are delicious and their family members including children had no problems in using them due to their taste or any other reason. Some consumers said that they have been using other various non-dairy products from Turkey and bought online through social networking sites. “After tasting fresh Turkish milk, I found it tasty and natural," Nada, a Qatari young woman told The Peninsula. “I had bought Turkish fresh milk and yogurt from grocery shop operating in our locality," she added.

She said that she had purchased some other Turkish products like chocolates, sweets, perfumes and dresses online. "Now I am going to buy a family size cooked-food tray from an ongoing exhibition at a shopping mall. I also took Turkish coffee and tea with pomegranate flavour.” Turkish traders have been participating in food and non-food exhibitions held in Qatar to showcase their products like furniture, home appliances, utensils, carpets, jewelries and women cosmetics and accessories, said Nada. "I am fond of Turkish products and bought in bulk several times from exhibitions and shopping complexes," she added.

“I have been buying Turkish fresh milk and yogurt from a grocery shop near my home for the last three days,” Abdul Qadeer, Imam of a mosque in Salata Jadid said. “My children have no issues regarding the taste of Turkish products rather they liked it. I daily buy two litres of Turkish fresh milk. The yogurt is also very delicious,” said the imam. “I have noticed that Turkish dairy products are more natural than other similar products I have been using," Abu Zainab, an Indian national said. “I worried about my daughter whether she would drink the new Turkish fresh milk but she liked it. I bought two litres fresh Turkish milk from Lulu Hyper Market operating at my locality a couple days ago. Another pack of a liter fresh milk I purchased from a branch of Family Food Center in Doha yesterday," he added.

source: The Peninsula