Posted on July 03, 2015

The Civil Aviation Authority and Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community signed a cooperation agreement for a joint project on the measurement of solar radiation, within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the two parties on May 2013 regarding the identification of the frame and scope of research cooperation in the fields of environment, meteorology and climate and the implementation of common-interest projects.

The Agreement states the provision of 13 measurement devices for direct, diffuse and semi-circle radiation, in CAA and QF stations for the sake of scientific research and implementation. The two parties agreed on partnership to perform periodic and preventive maintenance of devices and to work towards the exchange of expertise and available means, and the ideal usage of resources. Such devices shall contribute to the provision of accurate scientific information on solar radiation in the State of Qatar, enabling researchers and specialists to study the geographic distribution of radiation in the country to identify the ideal renewable energy fields for the installation of solar cells.

This agreement translates the strong will of the Civil Aviation Authority and Qatar Foundation to work in line with the strategy and trends of the State of Qatar consisting of the promotion of scientific research and cooperation in scientific fields between all state institutions, for the sake of an economy based on knowledge, scientific research, renewable energy, various sources of income, sustainable development, and less hydrocarbon materials.

The Agreement was signed by HE Abdulla Nasser Al-Subaey Civil Aviation Authority and Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Khaleel, Executive Manager of Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (under the umbrella of Hamad Bin Khalifa University - member of QF. On this occasion, HE, Chairman of CAA pointed out to the importance of this agreement in the reinforcement of cooperation in the field of scientific research, which contributes to identifying and assessing the available natural resources to build a healthy economy for the achievement of sustainable development in favor of future generations.

"The partnership between QEERI and QMD is core to creating a Qatar solar map enabling sound investment and possibly large scale deployment of PV in Qatar", stated Dr. Khaleel, Executive manager of QEERI.