Posted on July 04, 2019

The Environmental Operations Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, and the General Directorate of Coasts and Borders Security at the Ministry of Interior held a coordination meeting in order to activate the cooperation and coordination mechanism on monitoring and protecting the borders and coasts of the State.

Representatives of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment were briefed on the functions of the Ministry concerning the marine environment and the preservation of the sea and the border coasts of the State, as well as the terms of reference and the working mechanism of the Environmental Operations Room in case of crises and marine environmental reports. The operating systems of the operating room, early warning systems in emergency situations and response methods for environmental communications received, as well as communication numbers and hotline to deal with various environmental cases and communications were also defined.

The meeting attendees representing the concerned authorities in both Ministries agreed that the joint work between the concerned authorities should be developed on future cases.