Posted on June 02, 2011

The launch of Creative Commons Qatar (CC Qatar) marks the beginning of a whole new way of handling content rights within the region.

The local affiliate of Creative Commons -- a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people share creative, educational, and scientific content through a "some rights reserved" approach to copyright -- is a project backed by the Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology (ictQatar). It encourages the development of an open-source culture in which individuals can take full advantage of the Internet as a medium for digital collaboration and innovation.

“The Internet has made it so much easier to share our creativity, and when it is shared, it has the potential to grow, flourish and inspire," said Brian Wesolowski, the affiliate lead for CC Qatar and publications manager at ictQatar. "Creativity from this region should be shared as broadly as possible. Creative Commons Qatar can help make that happen by offering resources that make sharing easy, scalable and legal," he said. CC Qatar provides a unique, alternative infrastructure of copyright licenses and tools, allowing everyone from individuals to large companies and institutions to copy, distribute, edit and remix their work.

“Creative Commons Qatar will work to foster a community of Creative Commons advocates, artists and content creators in the country, with the goal of growing an environment that embraces openness, sharing and collaboration, leading to greater innovation and hopefully spurring more Arab-originated content,” ictQatar communications executive director Howaida Nadim said.

Many organizations and entities around the world have already adopted the "some rights reserved" approach. Those include Al Jazeera, Flickr, Google, Wikipedia and even the US White House. CCQatar will be working closely with prominent organizations in Qatar to encourage the use of its licenses.

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