Posted on December 15, 2017

The General Authority of Customs made great achievements this year within the framework of its work to secure entry of goods and passengers, facilitating trade with the world and collecting Customs duties on goods.

The Authority implemented programmes for enhancement of human, technical and procedural aspects and also cooperated with various entities inside and outside the country to tackle the impact of siege and ensure uninterrupted supply of consumer goods to Qatar's market. It is noteworthy that despite the siege, the Authority managed to advance 38 positions in the Doing Business report's Trading Across Borders indicator moving from 128th to 90th place. In addition, The Authority ranked 21st in the Logistics Performance Index for 2016, rising from the 37th place in 2014.

The General Authority of Customs also played an active role in preparing the pivotal studies aimed at confronting the unjust siege in a comprehensive and accurate manner. The Authority divided the economic activity into strategic sectors, designed commodity classification for each sector, and proposed alternative countries to import. The Authority also presented a number of important statistics that reviewed the development of prices before and after the siege, and proposed the tools necessary to face the price development.

Speaking to Qatar News Agency on the occasion of the National Day, the Chairman of General Authority of Customs Ahmed Abdullah al Jammal said that the National Day represents a glorious occasion for citizens to renew their loyalty to the leader and pledge to spare no efforts for the prosperity and glory of the homeland. Al Jammal highlighted the significance of the National Day in remembering the achievements of the founder Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani, and in consolidating the meanings of loyalty, love and gratitude.

He praised the remarkable accomplishments of the modern state which has made a comprehensive and radical change in all walks of life, and placed Qatar in the ranks of influential countries regionally and internationally. He highlighted the slogan of this year's celebration, 'Promise of Prosperity and Glory', one of the most prominent words of the Emir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani that had a great impact in reassuring the people of Qatar that the government is working hard to preserve the good and the prosperity of the people of Qatar.

Al Jammal praised Qatar's calm and effective management of the crisis at home and diplomatic handling of the issue abroad by exposing the lies of siege countries. He also hailed the unprecedented solidarity among all sections of citizens and residents in the society.