Posted on August 21, 2014
Qatar’s swimmer Waleed Daloul and gymnast player  Nadeen Wahdan are  due to compete in two events at the prestigious 2nd Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing city, China on Thursday.
Swimmer, Daloul ambitiously looks for glory when competes in the Men’s 50 m breaststroke on Thursday, while Wahdan aspires to bring honor for country when begins competition in Trampoline. On other hand, Qatar’s Abdullah Zain Al-Sunaidi fell victim to big stage nerves and finished 12th in the 10m air rifle at the second Youth Olympic Games at the Fangshan Shooting Range on Wednesday.
The 17-year-old Qatari did not start and finish well and as a result, he logged only 609.6 points and missed being among the best eight to earn the right to play the finals. Sunaidi launched the qualification round with 101.8 and followed it up with 101.9. Then for three successive series, he shot 102 plus. However, he ended poorly to have only 99.1, which potentially cost him a spot in the finals.
Chinese Yang Haoran topped the table with 629.4 points. Armenia’s Hrachik Babayan was second best, tallying 624.8. Hungary’s Istvan Peni got the third highest score of 624.2 and the cut-off mark was 613.9, which was secured by Uzbek Vadim Skorovarov. In the final, the best three finished in the same order to be on the podium. Haoran bagged the gold medal with 209.3, while the silver medal came to Babayan, who had 204.3 and Peni gained the bronze medal with a score of 183.5.
Sunaidi said after completing his event that he felt nervous and could not shoot well. “I had worked hard for this event. But during the competition, I felt a bit under pressure and could not  hit the target as well I should have. “It was a good opportunity to rise and shine. Even I had a poor series at the end or I might have entered the finals, which is generally anybody’s match. Maybe I badly wanted to do well and could not handle the pressure of competition and expectations,” Sunaidi regretted.
His coach Tatsiana said Sunaidi was close to making it to the finals but he missed targets at the end due to pressure. “He did well in the middle of the competition to raise his chances of getting into the final. But he could not finish strongly and managed only 609.6 points. “The 12th place is also an encouraging result for a shooter who has started shooting not long ago. Now he has another chance in the mixed event on Thursday. I’m optimistic that he would try to raise his game and do well,” added the Belarussian.
10m air rifle qualification
Abdullah Zain al Sunadi: 12th with 609.6 points
Gold medal:             Yang Haoran (China) 629.4 & 209.3 (final)
Silver medal:           Hrachik Babayan (Armenia) 624.8 & 204.3 (final)
Bronze medal:         Istvan Peni (Hungary) 624.2 & 183.5 (final)
In another sport scene, Show jumper Hamad Al- Qadi of Qatar and his teammates tried their best but that was not enough to alter their fortunes as Asian team finished sixth after the second and final round at the Second Youth Olympic Games. At the Xinzhuang Equestrian Arena in Nanjing on Wednesday, while Qadi’s performance took a slight dip, three members of the team put up a much improved show, compared to their performances in the first round. And the Asian team finished sixth with 28 penalty points.
Europe, with a dominant display and zero penalty points, clinched the gold medal. Matias Alvaro (Italy), Michael Duffy (Ireland), Filip Agren (Sweden) and Lisa Nooren (Netheralands) all had impressive clear rounds and left their team’s result in no doubt whatsoever. The silver medal went to South America team, which had conceded 4 penalty points. North America team pocketed the bronze medal with 8 penalty points. Africa team was fourth, getting 16 penalty points and Australasia had 20 and earned the fifth spot.
Qadi, riding Fernando, got four penalty points. Igor Kozubaev was eliminated, while Chinese Li Yeofeng, Japanese Sayaka Fujiwara and Saudi Arabian Hisham al Suwayni all produced far better rounds today. In fact, Fujiwara managed a faultless round. But the bad show by the Asian team yesterday cost them dearly and it was admitted by Qadi as well.
“I had a slight poor round and suffered penalty points. Other main riders gave a much more improved display today. Fujiwara had 13 penalty points yesterday and today he got a clear round. Suwayni had made two mistakes but he had only one today. The Chinese rider was also better today. “But you know the damage had been done yesterday. It may be our bad luck that we did not well in the first round. Or it was the good luck of other teams that were able to get good scores on the first day. As expected, we improved relationship with the horses on the second day but it was just not sufficient to lift the scores,” added Qadi.
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The Qatari rider said he would now focus on the individual event, which he predicted to be a close affair. There is a rest day on Thursday and the individual event will begin on Friday at 3.30 pm. “Now the riders know their horses better and we have one more day of training tomorrow to remove the rough edges ahead of the individual round. I hope all the riders are quite close to one another in terms of talent. So I hope the competition is going to be very tight and stiff,” he said.
Qadi’s coach Ian Kerr was downcast with the Asian team’s performance. “The team event is a five-man event. We did a clear round yesterday. He had unfortunate faults today. Things did not go to the plan yesterday. “Everybody rode a lot better today. A bit more positive today. But that is the way the show jump is. That is the way the team work is.”
The Irish coach talked about the preparations for Qadi’s next competition and expressed doubts over the fitness of the horse. “Yeah, he is ready. I want Hamad to come and work the horse a bit. “It is a borrowed horse. All the horses are the borrowed ones. I don’t think that his horse is 100 percent fit. It was a little bit empty towards the end today too. “We want to keep him fresh during the event. We’ll have to manage him a bit and Inshallah, all will go well in the all-important individual event,” added Kerr.
Team event (second round)
(three best results taken for rankings)
Rank             Rdr               H No.  HN               Pen (J, T, Ttl)
1.Europe (total team penalty 0)                        
ALVARO Matias (ITA)          145     MONTELINI    0        0        0                 
DUFFY Michael (IRL)           126     COMMANDER  0        0        0       
SAYWELL Jake (GBR)          140     GALAXY        4        0        4       
AGREN Filip (SWE)              120     ABEL            0        0        0                 
NOOREN Lisa (NED)            139     FOR THE SUN 0        0        0       
In first round, Saywell and Nooren had 8 pps each
2.South America (total team penalty 4)
C MARTINEZ Francisco (URU) 144   LORD POWER 0        0        0       
PORTE Antoine   CHI)          149    ZYRALYNN     8        0        8       
CABALLERO Val ria MJ  (PAR) 124   CENAI           0        0        0       
CAMPI Martina (ARG)          130     DARINA         4        0        4       
RODRIGUES Bianca (BRA)   142     LA GOMERA    20      0        20                         
In the first round, Porte 20 pps, Campi 4 pps, Rodrigues eliminated
3.North America (total team penalty 8)       
SERPELL Polly (CAY)           141     GIORGIO ZAN 0        0        0       
C GRANJA Macarena (ECU)   122     BRIGAND       0        0        0       
RIVERA MEZA Sabrina (ESA) 127    CON - ZERO   0        0        0       
BRAND Stefanie (GUA)        125     CHICA           4        0        4       
BRUGAL Maria G (DOM)       134     FAMOSO        8        0        8       
In the first round, Serpell 4 pps, Granja riboga 8 pps, Brand 8 pps, Brugal 4 pps
4.Africa (total team penalty 16)
STAIS Alexa (RSA)             132     DOMINAND    12      2        12     
BOYER Maeva (SEN)           128     CORNETTA     0        0        0       
MAAMAR Lilia (MAR)            137     FIGARO         12      4        16     
TEEDE Sophie (ZIM)            123     CAESAR         4        0        4       
HATAB Mohamed (EGY)       148     WHITE LADY   0        0        0
In the first round, Stais 18 pps, Boyer 8 pps, Maamar 4 pps, Teede 8 pps      
4.Australasia (total team penalty 20)
HUNTER Jake (AUS)          138     FOR THE STAR4        0        4       
CHIANG Lennard (HKG)      131     DJ                8        0        8       
FRASER Emily (NZL)          133     EXILIO          0        0        0       
MATHAVAN Praveen N (MAS)121   ARKANSAS     12      0        12     
KALANTARI Saeed (IRI)       129   CRISTALLO     4        0        4       
In the first round, Hunter 4 pps, Chiang 4 pps, Fraser 4 pps, Mathavan 4 pps, Kalantari 12 pps 
6.Asia (total team penalty 28)
LI Yaofeng (CHN)               147     URIAH           8        0        8       
FUJIWARA Sayaka (JPN)      143     LASINO         0        0        0       
ALSUWAYNI Hisham (KSA)   146     QUICK SYLVER4        0        4       
KOZUBAEV Igor (KGZ)                  136     FEVER           ELIMINA4TED
AL QADI Hamad (QAT)        135     FERNANDO    4        0        0
In the first round, Yaofeng 12 pps, Fujiwara 8 pps, Suwayni 8 pps, Kozybaev 12 pps
Gold Medal:    Europe
Silver Medal: South America
Bronze Medal: North America
Keys: R rank, Rdr rider, HNo horse number, HN horse name, Pen penalty (J jump, T time, Ttl total), TTP team total penalties