Posted on April 28, 2015

Mall of Qatar (MOQ) hosted a visit by a delegation of 21 top international German retail experts led by Rüdiger Pleus, the president of the influential German Council of Shopping Centres. 

The European delegation included retail experts from leading architect practices in Berlin and Munchen, major shopping centre management firms, real estate investment companies and major retail chains from Germany and Switzerland, wanting to learn about the Mall’s ground-breaking approach to building and designing a vast state of the art 21st century shopping centre.

Shem Krey, Managing Director of MOQ, welcomed the delegates and commented: “In Qatar we have taken the development of shopping centres to a new level.  Mall of Qatar is a flagship super-regional mall,designed to appeal to the 21st century shopper with its high ceilings, wide aisles, multiple skylights for natural light, and stunning design, aimed at making visitors want to stay to enjoy the many facilities and features it offers.But what makes the mall unique is our complimentary entertainment extravaganza and showbiz program throughout the year.  As the first of its kind in the region, we believe this is the key differentiator that will see it become a top tourist destination in its own right.”

Delegation of top German 1 [].jpg

Simon Splittgerber, Asset Manager at Union Investment Real Estate GmbH, Hamburg, said: ”The Mall’s massive dimensions are what makes it stand out, there is nothing like it in Europe.  We were not only impressed with the Mall’s size but also the incredible combination of services that it will offer under one roof.”

Andreas Munch, Executive Board member of Migros, Switzerland’s largest shopping centre group, commented: “We last built a new shopping centre four years ago in Switzerland and although we are the largest in the country, the size of our centre is only 40,000 sqm as opposed to nearly 500,000 sqm of built up area at Mall of Qatar. When we saw the different concepts being introduced here it was breath-taking, Mall of Qatar has definitely redefined the shopping mall.”

Architect Reinhard Liebig of Berlin, said:”We’ve been advising shopping centres for 50 years in Germany but the size and kind of shops we deal with are nothing like the scale we can see here. We are especially interested in the Mall of Qatar as the concepts employed are so different from our retailing experience but have so much to offer in terms of design for the future.” Manfred Schalk, Managing Partner of Comfort High Street Consortium in Munchen, said: “The size of the Mall is a revelation, it dwarfs operations we deal with in Germany. We wanted to visit the mall to see the very latest developments incorporated in the design and build and understand the ingenious concepts behind it.”

Delegation of top German 2 [].jpg

Marcus Bermayer, City planner from Wurzburg, said after his tour of the Mall: “I was knocked out. It’s the most amazing construction site I have ever visited, so clean and efficient and pushing the boundaries to achieve such massive building works.  The design is remarkable and one of a kind.  I admire the Mall of Qatar for their vision to create such a spectacular shopping centre here in Doha.”