Posted on January 27, 2019

With a growing number of families taking to kitchen gardening in Qatar, several hypermarkets have opened dedicated sections for vegetable and flower seeds this winter. 

Market sources told Qatar Tribune that the demand for seeds in Qatar has gone up significantly in the recent past. The availability of organic fertilizer at lower rates and relocation of increasing number of families to villas with sprawling campuses in Doha have given a further boost to the seeds market.

Nurseries in Doha and other areas of Qatar are making brisk business thanks to the growing demand for seeds. An official of a leading hypermarket said, “We have opened a dedicated section for seeds in some of our outlets owing to the growing interest of people in farming. We are getting a lot of enquiries about flower and vegetable seeds that are ideal for winter. We offer seeds from different parts of the world.” The hypermarkets mostly offer seeds of cauliflower, cabbage, mint, eggplant, a wide variety of leafy vegetables and flowers as these are more in demand.

Vendors who participated in the Flower Festival at Souq Waqif in Doha recently said such initiatives by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment inspire more people to do farming. The craze for farming is growing among those staying in apartments as well. However, unlike those living in villas who prefer to cultivate vegetables, apartment residents prefer to plant flowers. Recently reports about a single 20kg Indian pumpkin and over 1-metre long snake guard went viral in Doha. A housewife who cultivates vegetables in the 50 square metre kitchen garden of the villa she stays in Bin Omran, said, “We are cultivating most vegetables that we need on daily basis.” 

The season for winter vegetables and flowers will continue until April.

source: Qatar Tribune