Posted on January 19, 2020

A seminar entitled "Media and Valuable Concepts" was held on Thursday evening, within the framework of the cultural programme of the 30th Doha International Book Fair (DIBF) at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center.

During the seminar, Professor of International Relations at Qatar University Dr Mohamed Noemi al-Hajri discussed the concept of media, its development and the great impact that media have on societies at the beginning, noting the importance of the media being the general humanitarian principles and positive values, despite the existence of editorial policies for media institutions.

He stressed that even though workers in the media field are subject to the policies of institutions, they should not be absent from logic and reason, and to have a professional conscience as a ruler in their visions and ideas. Dr al-Hajri said that thanks to the information network and social media, the receiver can distinguish between objectivity, bias, and propaganda, noting that the recipient has an important role in confronting false media, which does not adhere to the charter or ethics of media work, and that the spectator must search and scrutinise to reach the truth and leave this medium. 

A dialogue session was held for Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Qatar Press Centre Saad al-Rumaihi in the presence of a large number of media professionals, intellectuals, and the exhibition's audience. The dialogue was moderated by media presenter Tayseer Abdullah. Al-Rumaihi praised the high level of the Doha International Book Fair, as it has become an important cultural demonstration, that contains other artistic and cultural aspects, appreciating the distinguished presence of the Qatari publishing houses and the high content they offer, and the high production of Qatari literature that promises of a generation of young inventors in the field of literature and media.