Posted on September 24, 2018

Doha International Family Institute (DIFI), a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), in partnership with the Ministry of Public Health, will hold a public seminar on ‘Supporting Families and Children in Hospital in Qatar’, to highlight the importance of a family-centered approach to care within the medical context.  

The seminar, to be held on September 26, 2018, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Doha, will discuss psychosocial services in pediatric health care settings in Qatar; present case studies illustrating the application of child and family friendly pediatric psychosocial care services in pediatric health care settings; and provide stakeholders with recommendations, based on expert analysis, to improve pediatric psychosocial care in Qatar.

Ms. Noor Al Malki Al Jehani, Executive Director, DIFI, said: “DIFI continues to promote programs and practices that could strengthen the family, and our recent report entitled ‘Supporting Families and Children in Hospital’ aims to focus on families facing child health and hospitalization pressures.

“Through this report, DIFI is contributing its efforts to highlight that the presence and participation of family members is a fundamental component of patient and family-centered care, and has a significant positive effect on a child’s adjustment to the healthcare experience. The report provides concepts, approaches, challenges of pediatric psychosocial care, and case studies that illustrate the application of child and family-friendly pediatric psychosocial care in pediatric healthcare settings, in Qatar and around the world.”

Dr. Saleh Ali Al Marri, Assistant Minister of Public Health for Health Affairs, said: “The Ministry of Public Health supports families and children in hospitals, and psychosocial support plays an important role in protecting children and adolescents from the many challenges and dangers facing their health and well-being, in order to promote their development throughout the different stages of their lives.

“Qatar’s National Health Strategy emphasizes the importance of including psychosocial support for children and adolescents in integrated and specialized primary healthcare, to improve the health of the patient, the family and the population. This is achieved by building the capacity of healthcare providers and developing the infrastructure of a health system that supports national guidelines and policies, and community scientific research. Hamad Medical Corporation provides psychological and social interventions for children and young people and their families, with the specialized teams that provide these services being well aware of the importance of identifying the psychological and social needs of this important group and enhancing their health.

“The Ministry of Public Health welcomes our fruitful cooperation with the Doha International Family Institute in organizing this seminar, and on other important topics related to the family. We are keen to enhance cooperation with all stakeholders to integrate health in all policies, through a collaborative cross-sectoral approach that improves healthcare for the entire population.”

The seminar – which takes place from 9am-4pm on September 26 –  will bring together experts and practitioners to discuss and explore the issues related to Supporting Families and Children in Hospitals and will provide stakeholders with conclusions and recommendations with expert analysis on pediatric psychosocial care in Qatar.

DIFI, as a global policy and advocacy institute, works to enhance public knowledge on Arab families through research and seminars, and promote evidence-based policies.