Posted on March 27, 2017

Reinforcing its commitment to social causes, Doha Bank recently hosted a blood donation drive at its headquarters in West Bay. Organized in partnership with Hamad Medical Corporation’s Blood Donor Unit, the initiative was aimed at shoring up national blood reserves and creating wider awareness of the need for regular blood donations, given the short shelf-life of blood components.

The blood donation drive saw enthusiastic participation 39 members of the Bank’s staff as well as individuals working in offices in the vicinity of the Doha Bank Tower.

“The need for blood is constant, and so is the need for donations. As well as serving a vital social cause by providing a lifeline to those in need, donating blood can have health benefits for the donors themselves as the body replenishes the blood you donate, thereby cleansing your blood supply,” said Dr. R Seetharaman, Group CEO of Doha Bank. “We are very proud of our staff members who spearheaded this initiative and would like to thank all those who stepped forward enthusiastically to donate their blood. We also extend our thanks to Hamad Medical Corporation for their invaluable support in organizing this campaign.”

He added, “At Doha Bank we take our role as a CSR leader very seriously, and we continue to devote a great deal of time and resources to ensure the development, health and well-being of the communities in which we operate.” Doha Bank is encouraging people to visit the Blood Donor Unit situated at the Hamad Medical Corporation complex near Sports Roundabout, or contact on 44391081 or 44391082 for more information.