Posted on August 31, 2019

Doha Bank CEO says he has recently signed a new Investment Management Agreement with Aventicum Capital Management (Qatar) LLC to replace the current fund manager of its QE Index Exchange Traded Fund (QETF).

“The new managers bring the right mix of expertise and international experience as we look to expand the product offering to a wider audience of investors. Clients are seeking more income, at a time of low rates and low returns with less risk- as ETF assets under management just crossed USD$5.7 Trillion globally,” the CEO said in an emailed statement. The QETF was the first listed ETF in Qatar (listing date March 5, 2018) and has already distributed 2 cash dividends as well as completed a stock split. The current total Assets under Management sit at QAR353 Million.

Aventicum Capital Management (Qatar) LLC is authorized by the QFCRA license number 00173, For more information on the new fund manager refer to: 

The change in the fund manager is expected to take effect Sunday -September 1, 2019; as the fund has received all regulatory approvals.