Posted on February 08, 2019

Long time Doha resident Sabrina Puppin is sharing her most recent works to art enthusiasts in Qatar for her first solo exhibition in Doha titled “Fluid Perceptions” which opened at The Corridor gallery in the Grand Hyatt Doha Hotel on Thursday.

A total of 27 paintings are on display for the art show that is taking place following her successful exhibitions including three solo shows held in New York recently. ‘Fluid Perceptions’, which is running until February 27, celebrates Puppin’s abstract visual interpretation of reality captured through her distinct style using oil-based paints on canvas. The paintings show beautiful contrast and harmony of forms and colours which is a reflection of the style, the time and effort devoted by the artist to create such a masterpiece.

In a statement, Puppin said, “With my painting, I seek to reinstate the primacy of form and colour as formal elements in works composed according to aesthetic principles. My work is about the individual perception of reality obtained through visual meditation. I do not want to add noise in a world already so disturbingly loud. I want to add pleasant sounds, a music which helps to relax, meditate and find strength to continue to live. “The need for positive emotions in the world today has never been greater. My work surely cannot change the world, but just wants to create a visionary space where the viewer can live in and be dazed by unpredictable optical effects.”

The artist also underlined how the two sides existing on her paintings complement each other and summarise pictorial and structural elements present in a number of abstract art movements of the past. She described her works as structural, geometrical, architectonic, intellectual, binding logic and calculation on one side but is also organic rather than geometrical, emotional rather than intellectual, decorative rather than structural, spontaneous rather than calculated on the other.

Sabrina Puppin’s works have been exhibited internationally such as in Germany and the US and are displayed regularly in galleries and museums as well as in private and public collections. In Qatar, she has contributed her passion and love for art to the community for many years. She has been the director of Dar Al Founoun at Waqif Art Center, head of Art Education and Art Programme at the Museum of Islamic Art and served as acting deputy director at the same museum, before deciding to dedicate all her time to create and be a full-time professional artist.

source: Qatar Tribune