Posted on December 02, 2014

Doha College and Megarme have signed a one year sponsorship deal to offer Doha College students golf lessons at Doha Golf Club as part of the College’s extra-curricular activities programme. Under this sponsorship Megarme Qatar are funding golf lessons for the students, transport to the Golf Club and the golf polo t-shirts worn by the students. Twenty secondary school students from Years 7-11, aged between 11-16, signed up for the golf extra-curricular activity, and are learning to play golf in order to compete in competitions.

Doha College golf lessons sponsored 2 [].jpgMr Alex Lee, Megarme’s General Manager, approached Doha College to sponsor this initiative. He stated, “Megarme are the leading Rope Access service provider in the Middle East in particular Qatar and we are keen to be involved in such programmes whereby we can give back to our community, this being one of many local partnerships to be established recently so we are very pleased to be involved with Doha College. Almost every sport or ECA programme can add value to a child’s education building a positive social interaction and we are delighted to offer support wherever we can. Golf is a game that brings people together at all ages and skill levels so it’s important to make sure all levels are involved and just have fun.”

Director of Doha Golf Academy, Andy McCormick stated, “From the golf academy’s point of view we’ve been working closely with Doha College for the last three years and every year we discuss how to develop and improve what we offer the students. What Megarme is offering is essentially the fuel for these children to be able to participate in golf and we can work together for the good of the children. It’s not solely the physical aspects that benefit students, they also learn about mutual respect and integrity which develops them into young adults and well-rounded individuals.”

Providing students with a vast array of extra-curricular activities is an ethos that Doha College strives to achieve. Attending extra-curricular activities can develop additional skills in various areas such as fitness and team work through sport, confidence and presentation skills from Model United Nations (MUN) and commitment and dedication through the Duke of Edinburgh Award. 

David Hobday, Head of Economics and Business Studies at Doha College, and the member of staff responsible for the Golf extra-curricular programme stated, “Myself, Andy and now Alex have been trying to develop golf in Doha College as well as other schools in the local community for three years. It’s great to have businesses such as Megarme on board willing to support us to help the students improve their golf skills. We’ve already got a strong relationship with St Christopher’s School in Bahrain so we’re looking to develop that further this year and even incorporate other schools from the UAE”.