Posted on May 14, 2018

Lucie Murphy (Y10), Charlotte Finney (Y10), Abi Falcous-Gill (Y12) and Yasmine Tobun (Y12) were all recently selected to represent Qatar at a recent rugby tournament. The four Doha College students made history, together with the rest of the Qatar women’s rugby team, by winning the inaugural Women’s Sevens tournament held alongside the West Asia Rugby Championship. Sides from Qatar, Syria, Iran, and two teams from hosts Lebanon, fought a hard battle, but the Qatar team prevailed undefeated.

The girls play for Doha Rugby Football Club and are all U17 players, making their selection for the senior Qatar team all the more impressive. The team had a very successful tournament, defeating every team they faced and won the final to become inaugural champions.

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Here are the girls’ thoughts on this historic first in women’s rugby: “It was a massive opportunity for all of us, we were used to training with each other but living with each other for those few days in Lebanon made us a family. It was a very emotional moment when we won the final, as it was such a challenging game, it also gave us a lot of pride, not only because of winning but also allowing the opening of a new doorway for rugby in Qatar.” (Abi) “This experience was amazing, it is one that I doubt I will ever forget. Lebanon is such a beautiful country and to travel there to play rugby for Qatar was an honour. I would do it again in a heartbeat.” (Lucie)

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“Having the chance to represent a country that has given me so much over the last four years was an unforgettable experience. Long hours of training allowed our team to develop into the family we are now and work as a unit, which enabled us to bring home the cup.” (Yasmine) In addition to this achievement, Charlotte Finney was named the ‘2017-2018 Player of the Year’ in her category by Doha Rugby Football Club. The girls train for two hours, three times a week, which is a sizeable commitment for secondary students who must also study hard for their school work. One of the weekly sessions is under their Doha College coach, mathematics teacher Grainne Burness, who was immensely proud of her girls’ success.

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