Posted on February 22, 2016

Shakespeare’s famous tale of star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet came to life at Doha College last week (Ed notes 16-18 Feb) with a twist that Shakespeare himself may not recognise. The futuristic tale was set in planet Zeno Verona in a world of space hoppers, chopper bikes and roller skates. The traditional Montagues and Capulets were replaced with the 21st century’s Beat Boys and Funky Chicks. Over 100 students took to the stage for a professional stage production worthy of the West End. “We wanted a fast-paced feast of fun, high energy and songs to engage with the audience” explained Jane Williams, head of drama.

Doha College thespians have 2 [].jpg

In planet Verona, love is banned and everyone has to dance to stay young. Poor Romeo and Juliet, fall in love and in their search to understand their feelings meet many gangs who offer advice to the star crossed pair. There wasn’t a doublet, ruff or feathered cap in sight as performers took to skateboards and roller skates, and belted out tunes from the Spice Girls, the Beatles, Elvis, new romantics and punk rock. The performers received rave reviews from parents and students alike. Parent Duncan Fairley who attended with all his family said “It was a brilliant night out, full of fun, and songs we could all sing along too.”

Mrs & Mrs Chopra whose daughter was performing as xxx said “The production was entertaining, lively and colourful. It must have taken such a lot of work to deliver.” Jane Williams summarised the three evening performances by thanking all the students and parents and explained “this is proof that the Arts are truly alive at Doha College. The students and staff who have made this happen have been sensational.”

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