Posted on September 13, 2015

New friends, classrooms and teachers were just some of the exciting adventures for the 400 new students who began their first day of school at Doha College last week. Like many schools across Qatar, the corridors of the College’s Al Waab and West Bay campuses began filling with students and staff for the 2015-2016 academic year on Sunday, 6 September. Among the new teaching staff was Doha College Principal Dr Steffen Sommer who welcomed staff and students with a special message for the coming year.

“It is an honour to be joining the team at Doha College and I am looking forward to a successful and inspirational academic year,” Dr Sommer said. “The College is undergoing a period of change; this year we welcome a large contingent of new staff, including senior management. This is a great opportunity for Doha College, these new staff are enhancing a strong and established educational team with an excellent academic record.”

Doha College welcomes new 1 [].JPG

“New staff bring new ideas and skills to every organisation. All of us, staff and students must have pride in our achievements and abilities and work together to build lasting relationships that educate and improve our learning for students and staff alike.” “The priorities for the College’s leadership team include strengthening our connections to assist Qatar in realising its strategic goals for education and human development, and moving towards the delivery of our new Doha College campus.”

“Doha College has an outstanding record of achievement which will continue through the new students and staff who have joined our team this year. I welcome everyone to the Doha College community.”

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