Posted on June 21, 2017

#DariQatar, the crowd-sourced landmark film initiative by Doha Film Institute and Qatar Tourism Authority, has been launched on YouTube, taking the inspirational work celebrating a year in the life of Qatar to a wider audience in Qatar and beyond.

Fatma Al Remaihi, Chief Executive Officer of the Doha Film Institute, said: “The creative journey that we began in 2015 with #DariQatar, has now reached an important milestone with the online launch of the film. #DariQatar is now available on YouTube for the wider public to view, share and appreciate.  What started off as an ambitious project is now set to become a part of Qatar’s cultural legacy, and a moving tribute to our leadership and our great nation, especially in this critical period of our country’s history.

“Everyone who loves Qatar and anyone who wants to understand what it is to be in Qatar will find #DariQatar a true window into our lives, while also offering them a deeper understanding of the rich values that our diverse community celebrates.” Qatari director Ahmed Al Shareef, who has curated the selection of clips that form the films narrative, said, “By presenting the story of Qatar, through its people, #DariQatar presents a compelling portrait of the nation, its heritage, culture and modern outlook. These personal stories by Qataris and those who call Qatar home, present genuine insights into how our leadership have invested in building a modern, open and progressive nation. This is a great participatory work of art that tells our story to the world.”

Created from video footage sourced over a nine-month period, #DariQatar covers six broad themes: hope, diversity, tradition, family, friendship and uniquely Qatar. It received an overwhelming 10,000 plus submissions from over 200 participants, representing 22 nationalities. Participants were encouraged to shoot on practically any aspect of life in the country. Among the top contributors are 17 Qatari nationals, who joined others in submitting video clips of the nation. The final cut of #DariQatar is created from video footage of over 250 hours.

#DariQatar can now be watched in full via Doha Film Institute's Youtube channel is presented by Doha Film Institute and Qatar Tourism Authority with the support of Platinum Partners: Occidental Petroleum Corporation and United Development Company, the developer of The Pearl Qatar.