Posted on June 19, 2011

A conference to discuss environment-related challenges and issues facing the world from a regional perspective will be held in Doha from October 16 to 18. Hosted by the Ministry of Environment in partnership, and concurrently with ecoQ – Qatar International Environment Protection Expo – the conference will feature discussions among local, regional and international business leaders, environmental pioneers and entrepreneurs on topics such as “Present and future of natural resources”, “Climate change in the region”, “Renewable energy” and “Green economy”.

The Ministry of Environment has formed an internal committee represented by Dr Nadia Suliman to oversee the conference agenda, topics and speakers in co-ordination with ecoQ organising committee. Top experts, academics, government officials and researchers specialised in environmental science and studies from Qatar and other countries are expected to attend. The ecoQ conference will also discuss issues and topics such as “Preserving energy and water in the Gulf region”, “Global warming – a global issue after Cancun”, “Fossil fuel subsidy phase out? – A reality check”, “Carbon capture & sequestration”, “Fossil fuel power plants go green!”, “Renewable energies – which is more suitable for Qatar?”, “New strategies – what’s in the R&D labs?”, and “Qatar National Vision 2030 – The energy policy chapter”.

Al-Hajari and al-Kuwari: We are committed to protect the environment

Dr Saif al-Hajari, founder and chairman of Friends of the Environment Centre (FEC), who is the head of ecoQ’s Advisory Committee, expressed appreciation towards the co-operation and efforts of the Ministry of Environment led by the minister, HE Abdullah bin Mubarak bin Aaboud al-Midhadhi. “This conference is a great example on how all sectors of the society can work together towards achieving a national vision.“We are all responsible for the environment and we have to protect and nourish it. Environment challenges are real and we need to adopt solid steps to eliminate environmental impacts resulting from construction and industrial expansion projects as well as investing in renewable and sustainable energy solutions.”

The ecoQ Expo & Conference will be held at the Doha Exhibition Centre. Among the supporters are the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, AHK German delegation for industry and trade, and the Friends of Environment Centre.

source: Gulf Times