Posted on January 26, 2015

Under the patronage of HE Sheikh Abdulla bin Nasser Al Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Qatar Society of Engineers in collaboration with the Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ announces organizing the 18th Gulf Engineering Forum and Associated Exhibition under the theme “Infrastructure projects in the GCC” during 1-3 March 2015, at St. Regis Hotel in Doha. This forum is held in Qatar at a time when the State is undergoing massive developmental transformation in the field of infrastructure, targeting realization of the Qatar National Vision that aims at providing the best infrastructure network and best standards of living for citizens and residents of the State.

It is expected that the 18th edition of the Gulf Engineering Forum will see participation from prominent personalities across GCC including decision-makers, senior officials from public and private sectors, eminent engineers from the region, as well as major consultancy firms, contracting companies, and engineering institutions. The forum aims to provide a platform for exchange of ideas and views of the Gulf Engineering Societies to benefit from their expertise through presenting the GCC experiences in the field of infrastructure development.The forum will also play an important role in boosting engineering awareness and encourage communication among engineers and their counterparts of various specializations in the GCC states.

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This year’s forum will specifically highlight the basic infrastructure projects in the GCC states by reviewing their achievements in this field over the previous years, in addition to displaying the future plans to be implemented to develop infrastructure. The 18th forum will also focus on the challenges and obstacles faced by infrastructure projects, casting proposals, ideas and visions that will contribute to find constructive solutions to develop the sector.

The theme papers presented in the 18thGulf Engineering Forum will discuss many of the important issues of concern of many engineers in various gulf countries. In addition, the presentations in the two-day forum will also focus on many topics related to the development of infrastructure through interdependence, cooperation and exchange of expertise across GCC states. The major themes of discussion in the forum shall focus on: transportation, green standards for infrastructure, provision of raw materials for engineering projects, provision of human resources for engineering projects, and the best practices in project management. 

The forum will also host an engineering exhibition that brings together various engineering companies and institutions sponsoring and participating in the event. These firms, each unto its specialization, shall provide their best techniques and solution technologies to meet the challenges and obstacles in the execution of projects, showcasing their past experiences in the development of infrastructure. It worth to mention that Qatar Society of Engineers, in cooperation with the Gulf Engineering Union, has previously announced the Gulf Engineering Union Award for Excellence and Innovation in its fourth forum under the banner (basic infrastructure projects in the GCC). The award aims at the following:

  1. Highlight participative GCC engineering works and achieve the goals of the forum.
  2. Stimulate the spirit of competition, innovation and excellence in various fields of engineering works.

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The award is given to the following two sections:

  1. Entities represented in the Gulf of engineering institutions, where the award is granted to the best project designed by a legal person in the engineering services sector, provided that the project is implemented or undergoing or approved to undergo.
  2. Individual Award for GCC based innovator Engineers. This is granted to the best projects developed from the faculties of engineering, architecture or individual projects carried out by one engineer or member engineers of any organisation in which they work.

The main theme for this years’ award is “basic infrastructure projects in the GCC States”, which includes five subcategories, namely:

  1. Transportation
  2. Green standards for infrastructure
  3. Provision of raw materials for engineering projects
  4. Provision of human resources for engineering projects
  5. Best practices in project management

The award winners will be announced in the inaugural session of the 18th engineering forum. It may be noted that Gulf Engineering Forum is held annually in one of the GCC states. The 17th session held in the year 2014 was at Sultanate of Oman. The State of Qatar has previously hosted the forum in December 2008.

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