Posted on August 09, 2013

Doha International Airport (DIA) is experiencing record numbers of travellers departing from and transiting through the airport during the first days of the Eid holiday period.

“Over 250,000 passengers are expected to depart from DIA during the Eid holiday week, making this one of the busiest weeks of the year to date.” said DIA spokesperson Abdulaziz Abdulla Al-Mass. In 2012, passenger figures at DIA grew at a rate of 16.87% compared with 15.16% in 2011. The airport catered to more than 21 million passengers during 2012 and the number of passengers passing through DIA in 2013 is expected to grow significantly.

Doha International Airport will have additional staff in the departures and arrival terminals and open more check-in counters to reduce queues, ensuring passengers continue to enjoy a pleasant experience at the airport. To help reduce traffic congestion and delays for passengers in front of the departures and arrival terminals, it is advisable for well-wishers to park in the short term car park.

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Last week DIA advised travellers about parking restrictions at the arrival terminal due to the partial closure of the car park caused by the planned development of the new metro system by Qatar Rail. This arrangement will be a temporary measure until the car park is modified which will be completed by October this year. Part of the project will include the creation of a dedicated pick up zone in front of the Arrival Terminal with 65 pickup positions available for public use.

“DIA management apologizes for any inconvenience caused for all passengers,” said Al Mass.

Passengers are also encouraged to use the web check-in facility provided by Qatar Airways and most other airlines before departing for the airport.  The web check-in service enables passengers to check-in between 24 and 48 hours prior to their scheduled flight departure time depending on the airline. Check-in can be done at home, office or anywhere through their mobile devices. Passengers can also print their boarding passes before arriving at DIA to reduce their check-in time upon arrival.